5 thoughts on “Episode 4: Chief “Watches You Die””

  1. Got my Flipboard invite today. App is prttey cool, but it would be much better if the content shown was content from urls in Twitter/Facebook or at least make this an option. Having content along with tweets/facebook book posts is too noisy. It is silly for it to try to be a facebook/twitter reader replacement when it shines at displaying linked content.Surprised you didn’t review Reeder on your news app review show today. As a long time user of RSS aggregators I found this program to outshine anything I have ever used and it does it in a very specific iPad way.

  2. Eine wundersch ne Geschichte! Leider ktnnoe ich mir dieses T rchen erst heute abend anh ren, da der iTunes-Download irgendwie nicht funktioniert?Was soll ich sagen, dieses Jahr bin ich irgendwie noch gar nicht so richtig in weihnachtlicher Stimmung. Keine Ahnung woran das liegt, vielleicht am Stre in der Arbeit. Ich hoffe aber, da mich der H radvent doch noch so langsam auf Weihnachten einstimmt.Wenn es mit den Geschichten so weitergeht hab ich jedenfalls keine Bedenken. Vielen Dank, da Ihr auch dieses Jahr die Strapazen eines H radvents auf Euch genommen habt!

    1. I fully blame you guys for the fact that I was incredibly unprdouctive today- I was too busy watching ‘controversial’ Australian sketch comedy.:S Out of curiosity, how long has the Chaser’s War on Everything been on? I ask because some of the funniest stuff on Canadian teevee in terms of parody and sketch comedy (Kids in the Hall and SCTV excluded) , a.k.a and became rather astonishingly un-funny in their later years, but I still crack up watching reruns from before I was born (RCAF) and the late nineties (22 minutes). Perhaps comedy just gets tired after a while?

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