3 thoughts on “Episode 168: Leather Daddies”

  1. Nice to have you back.
    Feel free to use any or none of these for your next podcast, due out 2nd quarter 2017.
    The joke is that you all have better things to do now than entertain me and literally dozens of other listeners through the medium of podcasting.

    Detective Comics versus Capcom
    Ash versus Evil Dead
    Wolf Man versus Mummy
    Millennials versus Generation X, the X-Men spin-off
    Sarah Michelle Gellar versus Sarah Jessica Parker
    Abducted by aliens, or raised by wolves

  2. Buster Keaton versus Charlie Chaplin
    Laurel and Hardy versus Abbott and Costello
    Captain Spaulding, the Groucho Marx character versus Captain Spaulding, the Sid Haig character

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