Prowess (2011)



My newest album Prowess is a collection of some of the best songs that I wrote in 2009 and 2010. The themes explored on the album deal mostly with failed romance. Although the song “Eat Your Brains” is more or less a plot summary of Return of the Living Dead in the form of a love song from a zombie to his living girlfriend (and is also symbolic of knowing a girl so fascinating that you and everyone else just want to get to know her). And the song “Magellan” is a song about a GPS helping immensely in situations where you really are lost and have no way of knowing how to get home. It is also in the form of a love song.

I really want to branch out and write more than just love songs (or “lack of love” songs). But that’s easier said than done. At this point, it’s just how I’m wired. I have branched out a little bit here and there. “Pressure On My Scars” is about everybody putting up at least a little bit of a facade and how sometimes you get upset, but it’s just from having old wounds dug up. And “Demons Manifest” is just about how your personal demons (troubles, problems, struggles, past, etc.) can manifest in ways you really don’t want and can sometimes leave you in ruins.


To see lyrics, click on the links below. The link will open in a new window.

01. Every Woman’s Brother

02. My Fear, My Dear

03. Eat Your Brains

04. Burning Heart

05. One More Night

06. B Monster Movie

07. Pressure On My Scars

08. Taking the Fall

09. Magellan

10. Demons Manifest

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