Sparrows and Crows (2009)



I’m gonna be up front and say that I honestly don’t care much for my debut album. The only songs from it I still play regularly are Ice, Break My Fall, and I’ll Be Okay. But I’ve grown to mostly dislike my debut effort. That said, here’s a little information about it:

In my self titled debut album, I sing mostly of failed attempts at dating and a broken heart. However, “Professor Chaos” is an instrumental that just happened when I was fooling around on my guitar. “Break My Fall” is about being regretful for doing things I know aren’t right and asking God to forgive me and help me move forward. I repeat the first verse over again to show how this can become a repeated occurrence. The final progression of the chorus is meant to display making some kind of breakthrough. Even if a minor one. “Lull” is just about dreaming big about the future, as far as career is concerned. “I’ll Be Okay” is about having to deal with various problems and struggles in life, but knowing that in the end everything will be fine. “E.T.” is more or less a plot summary of the movie by the same name. Also, an interesting tidbit is that my initials are E.T. and my dad’s middle name is Elliot. That really doesn’t play into the song, I just think it’s interesting. “Haunting” is kind of just my attempt at making a dark and slightly disturbing song. The alternate version “Haunted” does a much better job of this. It will be released in some form (for free) in the near future.

To see lyrics, click on the links below. The link will open in a new window.

01. Ice

02. Professor Chaos (instrumental)

03. Break My Fall

04. It’s Only a Game

05. Lull

06. Progress

07. I’ll Be Okay

08. E.T.

09. My Blood and My Tears

10. Please Don’t Die

11. Haunting (instrumental)

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